Custom Frames

Custom Frames

Concepts and ideas run wild at Psynyde. We have been cutting tubes to machining linkages for the past 10 years for riders who desire exclusive riding experience. From road and track frames to BMX and downhill monsters, we have delivered completely hand built beauties from our HQ in Pune, India. From weekend rippers to professional racers, our custom designed bikes and components have no boundaries! In Short, the custom-process looks a bit like this:
  • You show interest by emailing us at
  • we will set up a telephonic interview
  • We ask questions and listen
  • A deposit secures your place in the build queue
  • We talk more about fit, geometry, and riding characteristics
  • We review your bike CAD model
  • We make changes as necessary
  • You sign off on the final design
  • We discuss materials
  • We discuss the components
  • We discuss paint
  • You sign off on your design
  • Materials are ordered
  • I build your frame and fork (Optional)
  • Your frame goes to paint
  • Remaining balance is due
  • We arrange for shipping or pickup

While this hands-on approach is usually how the process works, it is also common for customers to have a hands-off approach. This process simply involves discussing fit, performance characteristics, establishing a budget, and then letting us do what we do best.

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